Hi Jonny
Thanks so much for all the beautiful photos and your hard work on the day. Pete saw the album when I got home last night and he was so overjoyed with how they came out even a tear was shed, so thank you so so so much! Jess

‘Jonny was a great photographer to have at our wedding. He maintained the perfect balance between directing guests to be where they should be and blending into the background to get a more natural shot. He was friendly, accommodating and got on well with everyone – he really helped make the day special.’  Abbe & Rich

‘We chose Jonny to be a part of our day, not just because of his great pictures, but because of of him. Jonny was brilliant. He melted into our day in such a way that he was able to capture the essence of the day and not just record the faces. We couldn’t have been more happy with the result. Beautiful pictures, full of wonderful memories that come back to life every time we look at them. Thank you Jonny.’  Mark & Sim

‘We love our wedding photos! They are a fantastic combination of formal and informal shots and Jonny captured our joy completely. Jonny coped amazingly with the challenges of a dull, drizzly October day and the need to shoot most of the group photos inside the church after the ceremony to avoid having damp, chilly and grumpy guests. Thankfully he had the foresight to bring additional lighting equipment to make that feasible. Being photographed is not our favourite occupation, but a relaxed and competent photographer made the process much easier: because he knew what he was doing, we could relax and enjoy the moment.’  Jeremy & Jo

‘Jonny was fantastic at our recent wedding in Italy. Not only were the shots superb, but the way Jonny managed to capture the atmosphere of the day, both before and after the ceremony itself, was really great.’ Danielle

“The more traditional wedding shots were stunning, but I was equally impressed with the intimate and casual shots of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, and the groom and best men larking around etc. Jonny has that rare ability to become ‘part’ of the day, meaning everyone is relaxed around him. We couldn’t believe how many shots Jonny got and how hard he worked, especially in 38 degree heat! Would happily recommend Jonny to anyone.”  Mikey

From the stunning setting of our wedding venue to our cup cake tower and Spam tin favours on the table! – Jonny captured every detail of our special day in a laid back, professional way that put everyone at ease. Our wedding photos are a real reflection of us as a couple rather than a load of posey pics. Together they tell a story of a truly amazing day.’  Nic & Tony

“Hi Jonny – We were so glad we chose you to photograph our wedding in June. Don’t know how you managed to capture everything but you did! LOVE the Morrisons van picture! You organised the group shots really well and were so quick! And at other times we almost forgot you were there… It was a great day, and your pictures will help us remember it for ever!”  Gemma & Adrian (The Laughing Couple)

‘We used Jonny for our wedding photos and he gave us some of our most cherished memories. His informal black and white shots really captured the fun everyone had on the day. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get wedding photos with a difference.’  Ian & Katy

And save the best til last!

“I’ll start off by saying now that we have our wedding album and we have all those special memories in a lovely and very smart looking book, a part of us is gonna miss the presence of our very kind and lovely photographer, Jonny Thompson.  The whole process started a few months back when we were on the look out for a photographer that would fit in to the type of wedding we were having, It was very important to us that we had someone who was going to be very laid back and unintrusive on the day.  We had heard about Jonny through another photographer so we decided to contact him and arrange a meeting to find out a bit more about him and the like. I can say right off the bat, that his instant warmness and laid back feel was just the type of person we were looking for to take our photos on our big day. Looking through his other photo’s he had done for other weddings was amazing and instantly we though right we need to book him he’s perfect and exactly what we wanted.

I’ll take you through to on the day now. Anyone who has gotten married before or is getting married you’ll soon realise that time is a very important thing on the day.  Jonny was right on time with the camera out and ready to take some shots as the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready.  It was made to be such a lovely experience, he stayed in the background but still got some amazing photos  (a lot are actually in the album).

After our wedding day we started getting a lot of guests mentioning to us how lovely the photographer was. He was so laid- back and happy to go with the flow while still taking some fabulous photos. Our wedding was at 3 but he stayed until late to catch the party in full swing which I couldn’t thank him more for because the pictures that he managed to get were so funny to look back at now and to see everyone having a good time.

When we finally got to see all the photos it exceeded any expectations that we did have. Some amazing memories captured in photo form. It’s such an important thing to have those photos as being the bride and groom the day can seem a bit of a blur as so much is going on. So seeing them for the first time was really great.  We then had to order and pick our photos for the album, it was so hard to choose as all of them were so lovely, but Jonny assured us that we could have as many as we wanted but advised us on what would look best in the album to show how the day flowed. Such great advice as the album really portrays exactly how the day went and we couldn’t be happier with it. I can’t stop going through it, He is a true artist and takes breathtakingly beautiful photos. THANK YOU SO MUCH JONNY!” Pete & Jess