The Restoration of Hastings Pier!

Typical Winter job – waiting around on the seafront in the cold for today’s subject to get through rush-hour traffic…

But an interesting place to be – Hastings Pier is currently undergoing total renovation after 2010’s fire, so was cool to be on the pier, seeing the work in progress and talking to the people involved. […]

Take me back!

Less a blog, more a request – could someone take this East Sussex Wedding Photographer back here again?!

If you’re planning a wedding there can’t be many better locations – Lake Como, Italy, surely a place to be in a British Winter.

Blog – Do You Work In Winter?!

Lo and behold there are other forms of photography beside wedding photography.

“So what do you photograph when you’re not shooting weddings?”

Well, good question. Unsurprisingly, weddings are pretty much a seasonal thing – whilst there are people who get married in the colder months, most prefer a spring or summer wedding. Luckily for me, when I’m […]

More Albums!

Thought I’d post up some more pics of the albums. I just grabbed a box of them and pulled them out randomly so you can see the different styles, sizes etc. Some people like a plain cover – with just a printed title, some like a picture on the front, some people like a traditional covered […]

The Best Chimp Men in Town

The fine art of sartorial elegance – two of the best dressed groomsmen I’ve seen in a while. Short blog again this week – a one sentence blog is a manageable blog, people don’t have all the time in the world after all.

Even the cat approves – if you watch carefully…

Pete & Jess’s Albums Arrive!

The dogs bark, the postman must be here. Always an exciting day when the albums arrive! When I see the big box marked Graphistudio I know it’s that time. When you get to see all the hard work, all the effort and all the excitement of the day all pictured in the finished albums. It’s […]


Just a quick insert today – I’m preferring theses short one paragraph blogs – who wants to read about everything I’ve been doing all week? Not even me…

So when it comes to testimonials it’s a bit like the magazine ads – they say things in a way you might not have thought of. And who […]


With Weddings being thin on the ground when it comes to Winter, it’s nice to get a big one done. After 50 or so years of remaining young, free & single, who should walk down the aisle but world-famous Barbie! Sporting a lovely white dress and together with her two best girlfriends, she turned up […]

Er… Sales & Marketing?

Ok, so it’s probably laughable that I’m posting something titled ‘sales & marketing’!  But when you’re absolutely rubbish at selling yourself – as I am – articles like the one featured here are just priceless. They say things in a way that you couldn’t, they come from a different perspective, they say the stuff that […]

New Website – Part Two

Thinking now of the purely visual impact of a website, and it seems you need to do two things straightaway. Firstly, catch the attention, and second hold onto it for as long as possible. Grab and hold!

So the opening shot on my Homepage is just an eye-catcher – something to stop the viewer in their tracks. That’s […]

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New Website!

New Website! Woo woop! Maybe this should have been the first blog, but there we go. So I have a new website, funny how these things take up so much of your time and thought. Now it’s done it’s a huge relief and good to be back on track with a ‘vehicle to show my […]

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Jonny’s First Blog Post

So I finally got round to it  – Howdy Folks, and welcome to my world at Jonny’s Blog, a title that took a surprisingly long time to come up with.

I’m new to this blogging malarkey so may take a while to figure it out, but eventually it’ll become a Gallery in itself, so better get cracking.

So […]